About me

I am a theatre maker, director, performer and clown. I create theatre for and with children.

Because I grew up in a deaf family my goal is to communicate between the hearing and the deaf world through art. Therefore, it is my aim to bring hearing and deaf children together, either as spectators or on stage.

With the Compagnie Augenmusik, I produce and direct theatre plays which connect hearing and deaf kids with aesthetic and theme orientated methods. Therefore, I focus on visual and body language.

As a theatre maker I accompany theatre groups of children and teens. Together we create original plays based on mythologies and fairy tales or the kids get to discover their own fantasy by developing their own stories. Within these projects my aim is to guide kids to their own ideas and develop their own forms of expression.

I want to treat children with respect and appreciation by meeting them on an equal footing. I trust their expressiveness, courage and intuition. Theatre is not about to show them how to do it better. But it holds the possibility for them to experience a self-determined and free life without fears.

The main emphasis within my theatre work is physical expression. The stories I tell the kids are explored and captured through childlike plays. After some time has passed the director comes into the chaos and gently brings order for a good outcome.

  • Studied Italian and German literature
  • acting classes with Uwe Lach, Pegasus-Theaterschule Dresden
  • story telling training with Sabine Kolbe & Marietta Rohrer- Ipekkaya (Fabula Drama, Berlin/Erzählzeit Frankfurt am Main)
  • clownery training with Yaëlle Dorison, Dresden
  • hospital-clown training with Shlomi Golan, Israel
  • 2008 – 2012: Assistant director at the Theater Junge Generation Dresden, Theaterhaus Frankfurt, Theater Gerlich-Raabe Frankfurt and the Theater Willy Praml Frankfurt
  • Since 2011: Managing and accompanying children theater groups
  • 2013: Founded Compagnie Augenmusik – Theatre for deaf and hearing children
  • Since 2017: Member of the Organization of Nice Theatre Directors (O.N.T.D.)
  • 2019-2021 professional training IN.ZIRQUE, inclusion-oriented movement art at Zentrum für bewegte Kunst e.V., Berlin
  • Since 2023 clown doctor for MediClowns Dresden e.V. 
  • 2016 participation at the program “Artists meet early years” at the Festival Visioni, Bologna
  • 2017 participation at the International Directors Seminar of ASSITEJ Germany, Oldenburg
  • 2018 participation at the 1. Next Generation Program of ASSITEJ Pakistan, Lahore
  • 2021 flausen+ – residency Sandberg.Wolkenfern.Motive  at Theaterlabor Bielefeld (with Sarah Bonitz, Felicia Daniel, Athina Lange & Jan Maihorn)


(c) V. Buhl
(c) Lukas Büschel


(c) Norbert Richter